Gone Fishin’

Isabella Alves leaves her families property with her three fishing poles after an afternoon catching bass for dinner.
Isabella Alves wades through bushes on the side of the small lake to move to a new fishing spot.
Isabella Alves casts her line into a small lake on her family’s property trying to hook a greedy fish that had been eating bait all day.
Isabella Alves holds her line out in the pond as the sun sets and the fish start biting more.
A bass flops on the ground next to a bait bucket before being unhooked.

When in Arkansas, do as the Arkansans do. In this case it means going out fishing with my girlfriend on her family’s property in the Ozarks. I was a newbie fisherman and managed to tangle most of the lines, but she was patient and we still made off with a decent catch to cook up.

Unfortunately, about halfway through the fishing, the lens on my camera got greased up with something (maybe fish slime?) and took on an 80s glamour glow. When I got back I made sure to clean it off real nice, but in the meantime a lot of the photos came out a little hazy.

Current Inspiration: Daro Sulakauri’s photo story on a Georgian mining town in the Caucasus Mountains. The weighty feeling of toil and the harsh conditions juxtaposes against the vibrant life of the children playing and being young, all wrapped up in an environment in decay as the mines became less profitable. The project is incredible and moving and very humanizing to the human aspect of what a damaged industry looks like.